Dynamic On Hold Messages on TIPT/BroadWorks

Captivate On Hold offers the only daily updating on hold messaging service available in the world.

The fastest expanding hosted telephony platform in Australia is Telstra’s TIPT – Telstra Internet Protocol Telephony.

Captivate On Hold foresaw the challenges hosted telephony posed to On Hold Marketing Messages (MoH) some time ago and set about answering them.

Whilst music or messages on hold are an intrinsic part of the caller experience, the basic Music On Hold capabilities in TIPT needed enhancement.

The two biggest issues Captivate’s clients found after moving to TIPT (BroadWorks) were,

  • The music/messages always starting at the beginning every time a caller is placed on hold and
  • The finite file upload space available, limiting the duration of the on hold audio.

Why are these a problem? It is frustrating to hear exactly the same audio every time you call or each time you are placed on hold. This was evidenced by a 15 year Captivate client in the motor trade getting their first caller complaints about being placed on hold, ever, after moving to TIPT.

Having callers hear the same audio every time they call denies the ability to engage and relay marketing communications or information to your captivate audience – callers. This was brought home to us by an enquiry from a Texas, USA based chain of 60 insurance brokers that only ever got to promote one new product to callers every time they rang.

Interestingly this client also presented us another challenge. When they requested their telephony provider make a monthly file change, with different files for different locations, the provider said no – too much time is involved. Even at a few minutes per upload, when multiplied by 60 location each month the time required quickly became an issue. After all, time is money.

So why does it matter?

Captivate can generate a report showing the duration and quantity of calls placed on hold. In the case of the motor dealer above, an average of 100 calls per day were placed on hold over the past 3 months, for an average of 54.1 seconds. An insurance branch placed 2730 calls on hold in August for an average of 127 seconds. There are now over 700,000 MoH “calls” logged on the Captivate service, in industries from recruitment and labour hire, to truck dealers and residential building groups. One thing we can assure is that your callers are hearing your messages on hold…and for an average of 60.5 seconds.

If you’re still not convinced, for a one time fee Captivate will write, voice, and deliver you professional on hold for 30 days to your business and provide a report at the conclusion.
Captivate On Hold’s proprietary Studio and Content Server software means your service is fully managed for you.

No more uploading files, remembering to take down the Christmas message or special offer of the month.

Along with professional copywriting and voicing Captivate can deliver audio with no practical limit to its duration, and it can be scheduled to start and stop into the future by day, date or even time of day. Add to that the ability to remotely update multiple locations concurrently and automatically…and Captivate On Hold is the perfect MoH solution for TIPT/BroadWorks.

Provisioning takes just a few minutes using profiles already in your ComPilot login. Our tech team will assist via a remote login, which makes it all very quick and easy.

Contact a Captivate On Hold representative today for more information.